The Return of the Eclectic Collection – Number 40 1982 Zellers Andre Dawson

I have not written one of these posts since April of 2012, so I suppose its time to restart the series. I found this card at the show last weekend for a dime. Although I had a Dawson in the eclectic, it was a 1995 Upper Deck, and this Zellers card is a perfect example of what I was looking for in collecting this set. I also found a 1995 Upper Deck in a repack of another player that fit that spot.


The Player

Andre Dawson was one of the great outfielders of the 1980’s. He won the NL Rookie of the Year in 1977 and the MVP in 1987. He won eight gold gloves and went to eight all star games. He finished his career with 438 home runs and 1591 RBI.

The Set

This card is from the 1982 Zellers set, which was only found in Montreal. The cards were originally in three card panels, each featuring one player.

The back

The feature of the back is the fact everything is in French and English.



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