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Many of the other blogs are writing about 2014 Topps Opening Day. I really don’t understand the appeal of this product. If you want the basic set, they already have the basic set. They use the same design and the same photos for the most part. Why does Topps make such a copycat product?



2 Responses to “My thoughts on”

  1. sanjosefuji Says:

    Another product = more $$$. The one think I like about Opening Day is their mascot inserts… those are really cool.

  2. Jeremiah Erickson Says:

    I agree. They are kind of a waste. Obviously they must make a little bit of scratch on them and perhaps if they had a small enough print run they would elevate over the regular set. All that said though there isn’t anything to get one excited seeing as they have the same pictures. It is like an additional parallel set that clogs the market. I don’t know about you but collecting the opening day set is too boring in my opinion.

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